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RESTAURANT MICHAL | Náprstkova 8, CZ-11000 Prague 1, Czech Republic
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"We host traditional folklore shows. Original costumes and fine food in the very heart of Prague, only 200m from Charles Bridge"

Discover Bohemian, Moravian and Slovak folklore!

During the reconstruction in winter 2012 we decided to adapt our restaurant for presentations of Bohemian, Moravian and Slovakian folklore in order to show our customers the most of this beautiful art.

For this reason we decorated the restaurant with artwork of our leading folk painters. The collection 'Men's Fur Coats' by Joška Úprka, our best known folk painter (1861–1940) is exhibited in the main hall. Joška Úprka was a colleague and a friend of Alfons Mucha. Alfons Mucha helped him to exhibit his works in the Salon of French Artists in Paris in 1894 where Joška Úprka was awarded 'Mention Honorable' for his painting 'Pilgrimage to St. Anthony Church' and became a European of Moravian Slovakia.

Our guests can view genuine folk costumes, all hand embroidered with an extraordinary skill and refinement displayed inside the restaurant. These costumes originate from Western Bohemia across Eastern Slovakia, some of them were made more than 100 years ago.

Folklore performances are held between 7 pm and 10–10.30 pm.

Folk traditions are usually passed down by family members. Therefore we create our performances combining knowledge and skill of our performers and their family members.

A unique experience with our folklore dinner and show!

On the folk evening, you can taste Bohemian, Moravian and Slovakian cuisine specialities while enjoying a demonstration of our folklore: traditional music, songs and dance. After the performance, we'll play on your request for you to sing along with us.

While the dancers take a break, our piper Petr Sovjak will present you with folk musical instruments: Moravian bagpipes 'Gajdy', shepherd's pipe 'Fujara', trumpet 'Trombita' and various types of whistles.

Alexander Vrábel’s Cimbalom Music plays all evening; beautiful folk songs are introduced and performed by Lenka Kůrková. Our dancers wear original folk costumes, always related to the region the dance originates from.

We perform the following dances:

  • Domažlice and Doudleby (Bohemia) Polka;
  • Boršice, Moravské Kopanice (Moravia) Verbunkos;
  • Moravian Wallachia Odzemek;
  • West Slovakia Kubrá;
  • Central Slovakia Detva Horehroní
  • Eastern Slovakia Csardas.

Traditional 4 course MENU with Live Folklore for only 750 CZK / 28 EUR
The menu includes 3 hours of unlimited soft drinks, wine or beer. We are looking forward to your visit!